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Welcome and Overview

Post by pdxmick on Thu Oct 13, 2016 9:49 am

Welcome to Sim Sports Global's first console league, Madden '17 CFM!

Sim Sports Global is a simulation universe using a collection of software/games (OOTP, BBCF, FOF, etc.) to simulate an entire yearly calendar of sports on a daily basis. We have six simulation leagues that have been running now for 2+ years, and we're finally ready to tackle (pun!) our first console league experience with Madden '17.

Basic Rules

We're going to keep the rules and expectations quite simple to start with, and we'll expand on those details later on:

Gameplay & Participation
Don't act like an idiot.
We are a no-switch league for both offense and defense. On defense, pick a guy before the snap and stick with him. On offense, we let the receivers do their own catching, but you can then control the runner after that.
Be able to play at least 2-3 games per week and manage your team.
Be available to communicate, especially with your upcoming opponent. (Via Slack) If you can't be reached and miss multiple games or are generally unresponsive on Slack, we will remove you from the league.
You may use formation subs, but are expected to keep players at a position considered to be within their position group. This means you can move a RB to FB, WR to TE, LB to any of the LB spots, an OL to any of the OL spots, CB to S, and so on. You should not be doing things like moving a WR to QB, etc.
The same rules as above apply to position changes.
All trades will be submitted, with rationale, on our forum first, and then approved. Once approved, you may make the trade within the game.
A player cannot be traded more than once in a calendar year.
No team should have more than 10 draft picks for any one draft.
You are expected to attend our live drafts.
You must record and archive all games, so that we can easily review any sort of abuse and/or adjustments to our sliders, and just to allow watching between users. This is espcially cool during playoffs/superbowl.

Expect our league to try and mirror the gameplay and the activity of the NFL. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Not trading cornerstone players (think Julio Jones, Aaron Rodgers, Khalil Mack, Todd Gurley)
  • Not passing 50+ times a game
  • Not going for it on 4th down at unconventional times
  • Not rushing up to the line of scrimmage when it's not needed
  • Not kneeling and running out the clock when a win has been secured

We will do everything we can to prevent users from playing the AI.

League Settings
Skill Level: All-Pro
Game Speed: Normal
League Type: Coaches Only
Instant Starter: Off
Trade Deadline: On
Trade Type: Enable Human (Disabled for now)
Coach Firing: Off
Salary Cap: On
Relocation Settings: Disabled (for now)
Injury: On
Pre Existing Injury: On
Practice Squad Stealing: On
Player Progression Frequency: End Of The Season (for now)
Quarter Length: 15 minutes
Accelerated Clock: On
Minimum Play Clock Time: 15
Fill Roster: Off
Re-Sign Players: Off
Progress Players: Off
Sign Offseason Free Agents: Off
Tutorial Popups: Off
Game Options
Auto Flip Defensive Play Call: On
Ball Carrier Special Moves: Off
Defensive Auto Strafe: Off
Defensive Ball Hawk: Off
Defensive Heat Seeker Assist: Off
Defensive Switch Assist: Off

Visual Feedback
Play Call Style: Slim
Play Call Button Layout: Triangle, Square, Cross
Previous Play Information: On
On Field Visual Feedback: On
Drive Goals & XP Feedback: Off
Franchise Bottom Line Ticker: Scores Only
Franchise Gameplan Boost Notification: Off
Coaching Tips: On
Pre-Snap Menu: On
Player Names: Pre-Snap Only
Camera Toggle: Off
Passing Cam: Off
Offense Camera Settings: Standard
Defense Camera Settings: Standard

XP Sliders
Quarterbacks: 120
Halfbacks: 216
Tight Ends: 140
Wide Receivers: 260
Fullbacks: 200
Tackles: 270
Guards: 300
Centers: 300
Defensive Ends: 120
Defensive Tackles: 200
Middle Linebackers: 130
Outside Linebackers: 130
Cornerbacks: 220
Free Safeties: 160
Strong Safeties: 160
Kickers: 300
Punters: 300

Gameplay Sliders
Player Skill
QB Accuracy: 12
Pass Blocking: 55
WR Catching: 50
Run Blocking: 50
Fumbles: 20
Pass Defense Reaction Time: 65
Interceptions: 29
Pass Coverage: 80
Tackling: 75
CPU Skill
QB Accuracy: 15
Pass Blocking: 70
WR Catching: 50
Run Blocking: 65
Fumbles: 20
Pass Defense Reaction Time: 65
Interceptions: 25
Pass Coverage: 100
Tackling: 80
Special Teams
FG Power: 50
FG Accuracy: 50
Punt Power: 43
Punt Accuracy: 50
Kickoff Power: 45

Game Options
Injuries: 48
Fatigue: 60
Min Player Speed Threshold: 50

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Re: Welcome and Overview

Post by DeJohn123 on Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:31 am

read and agree


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